Exclusive products

Allied Products

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Products

• SANS 966 uPVC, mPVC and o PVC Specification piping
• uPVC Pressure fittings 16bar ,16mm to 160mm and 10bar 200mm to 400mm
• Fabricated Pressure fittings and bends
• SANS 967 Soil and Vent (S&V) pipes
• Drainage Subsoil piping, with membrane cloth
• Cable duct piping
• SANS 791 Sewer and Drain piping
• High Pressure PVC- U Cement and cleaners.
• CPVC piping and fittings – Metric and Imperial specification 

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Products

• SANS 4427 HDPE Piping – sizes 16mm to 1 meter.
• Fusion UK, Premium Quality Butt Fusion and Electro-fusion fittings.
• Mechanical Jointed and Electrofusion Clamp saddles.
• Fabricated fittings to Customer specification.
• Fusion UK PE ball Valves.
• Full range of Manual to Semi Auto to Fully Automatic welding machines.
• HDPE Drainage Ribbed Slotted Pipe.
• HDPE Telecommunication/ Cable piping and Optical fibre Sheathing.
• PN 16 Compression fittings for HDPE piping 20mm to 110mm.

Polypropylene Products – (PP, Polyprop)

Polypropylene Piping
PP Butt Weld and Socket Fusion Weld Fittings
• PP welding consumable rods
• PolyProp PP Valves

PVC -U Utility Valves

• Compact, Single and Double union Ball valves 20mm – 110mm
• Lever and gearbox operated Butterfly valves 63mm – 400mm
• Check Valves – Floating ball, S/S Spring loaded Ball and Swing Check valves 20mm to 110mm.
• Foot Valves 20mm to 200mm.

+GF+ Georg Fischer Piping Systems Industrial Application Products

• Full range of Ball, Diaphragm &Butterfly Valves to specification (uPVC, cPVC, ABS, PP, PVDF)
• GF Piping – PVC U, PVC C, ABS, PE , PP & PVDF ( PVDF also available if High Purity)
• GF Automation, Measurement and Control systems
• Visit +GF+ website www.gfps.com 

Irrigation Products

• Neisco Dripline irrigation, to flowrate specification.
• Nylon threaded and inserted irrigation fittings.
• Dragline hoses
• HDPE Irrigation piping
• LDPE Pipe
• Flexible PVC Hoses
• Plastic Water tanks
• Flow bin and Tank Connectors
• Hose clamps
• Air release valves

Plumbing Products

• Delcop Copper fittings
• SANS 460 Copper piping
• SANS 1067 Brass compression fittings
• Polycop Piping
• Brass taps and fittings
• Sanware products